Ports Covered / Eleusis Port

Coordinates: 38°2′20.40″N 23°31′30.00″E

Our Eleusis staff, based in our office which is literally located at a 10 meters distance from Eleusis Customs Office, Eleusis boat station and Central Port Entrance, and a 170 meters distance from Eleusis Port Authority, is our Boarding agents and operations hub for the entire administrative area of Eleusis. Today it is operationally covering the ports and terminals of Aspropyrgos and Eleusis Hellenic Petroleum, Pachi Oil Terminal, Revithoussa LNG Terminal, Titan Eleusis Installations, Hellenic (ex Skaramangas) and Eleusis Shipyards, as well as the Central Port. At most of these ports we have been serving as agents for the vast majority of ships calling there, since the beginning of their operations.

More specifically, we have been acting as agents at Hellenic Petroleum terminal of Eleusis (ex Petrola) and Aspropyrgos (ex ELDA), for more than 30 years, since long before their merger into Helpe. We were also the agency covering Revithoussa LNG Terminal for the first year of its operation and we are regularly acting as agents for most of the spot deliveries carried out so far there. Cement and clinker loading at Titan Cement factory in Eleusis and the petcoke, coal and fly- ash discharge there, has also been a major activity for us, as we handle most of the imports and exports at Eleusis Installations.

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