About our Company

About Our Company. Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd. was founded by Tsalamanios family in 1982 at Aliveri port, Mylaki area, hence its name. The company was founded with the goal of offering quality services, opening new routes for shipping activities in Greece and setting higher standards for clients and their ships calling Greek ports. This mentality, our drive and, last but not least, our unwavering business ethics has brought us a long way since the company’s incorporation and has granted us our most competitive advantages, which are the trust, the recognition and the appreciation of the shipping industry as well as our solid and genuine relationships with each and every contact of our distinguished clientele.

Currently, and for the past couple of decades, Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd. is the trump agency operations market leader, taking care of commercial activities in Greece. We also provide all kinds of husbandry, technical and protecting agency services for vessels approaching our coasts. With 50 employees operating in Greece and Cyprus, handling around 2.000 port calls per year and working with a wide network of closely associated colleagues throughout Greece, Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd. is the obvious and most renowned choice for traders/charterers as well as ship owners trading in the area, who are seeking professional service, advice and support.