Our office at Piraeus, established in 1986, is where nowadays, administration determines our policies and goals and coordinates most operational and financial issues. It is also the office where PDAs and final DAs are issued, our Quality Assurance Management System is controlled and the majority of managerial decisions and actions are taken. Perama repair Zone, Drapetsona repair base, Oil Terminals, Cement Terminal, Piraeus anchorage are all serviced directly by our Head office Staff. Besides our day to day operations at the terminals and ports where we are present with our own offices, our Piraeus team manages operations at all the Greek Ports and Islands, utilizing the services of both our own port agencies and our network of closely related and monitored sub agents. From a port clearance or a crew changeat any island to a commercial operation intoany port/terminal (such as PPC plants around Greece) or an additivation/sampling at any anchorage, it is ensured on a tireless manner that operations are carried out with the same sense of responsibility, level of professionalism and personal care, as for our vessels calling Piraeus.

Piraeus Port Location: Latitude 37 56.5 N / Longitude 023 38.2 E
Drapetsona Port Location: Latitude 37 56.8 N / Longitude 023 36.9 E
Perama Port Location: Latitude 37 57.5 N / Longitude 023 34.2 E

Piraeus Port