The Ports and Terminals of Crete island are fully covered via the network of our closely related and continuously monitored and trained local correspondence. We have a presence at PPC on both SES Terminals at Atherinolakkos and Linoperamata taking care of imports from day one. With a vast experience of decades at Souda Bay and with numerous husbandry and commercial operations at the oil/ cement terminals and central ports of Chania and Heraklion and their respective anchorage areas, we are able to assist our principals in the best possible way on any kind of requirements or needs that they may have in Crete, during their call.

Souda Port Location: Latitude 35 29.3 N / Longitude 024 04.3 E
Heraklion Port Location: Latitude 35 20.7 N / Longitude 025 08.8 E

Crete’s Ports