Chalkis was our second office, running since 1983. We have served as agents for the vessels calling Lafarge (ex Chalkis cement factory), for vessels calling Chalkis Shipyards and the chemicals terminal in Avlis, Larco factory at Larymna, and as main agents for Soya Hellas, Psachna Industrial Facilities. Our constant presence there, along with the fact that Chalkis has been a core part of our financial administration for several years, has established one of the most active and well connected offices in Greece.

Chalkis Port Location: Latitude 38 27.9 N / Longitude 023 35.6 E
Chalkis Shipyards Location: Latitude 38 25.1 N / Longitude 023 35.6 E
Psachna Port Location: Latitude 38 33.9 N / Longitude 023 36.0 E

Chalkis Port